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Melatonin - A Way of Peaceful Normal Sleep-Wake Cycle

Melatonin - A Way of Peaceful Normal Sleep-Wake Cycle

"Sleep Well, Grow Healthy.  Sleep Well, Live Fully Awake. 

Sleep Well, Live Well.  Sleep well, Save money.”

Did you know sleep affects every moment of our lives?

Many people have trouble sleeping because of having low levels of melatonin. That's why it is believed that adding melatonin from supplements can help them to sleep soundly.

What is Melatonin?

Melatonin is a sleep hormone “natural'' or “supplement” for a peaceful normal sleep-wake cycle. 

You might even feel that darkness provokes your body to produce more melatonin (sleep hormone), which signals your body to sleep while Light reduces melatonin production and signals your body to wake up.

Melatonin is nothing but a sleep hormone that is naturally produced in your body that regulates night and day cycles or sleep-wake cycles to your brain by indicating that it's time to go to bed.

Are you facing an irregular sleep cycle? 

Are you love traveling but hate conditions like B. Procrastination named "jet lag"?

You can try “KHURAQ - Sleep Melatonin” if you are having trouble staying more than a night or more.

KHURAQ - Organic Sleep Melatonin is here to correct your "never good" nights or jet lag. A healing KHURAQ miracles formula helps you to regulate and improve your sleep so that you always wake up energized and refreshed.

KHURAQ sleep tablet is made with melatonin with zero added sugar, GMO-free. Taking a capsule before bed helps calm anxious thoughts or your insomnia so you can fall asleep peacefully.

Why KHURAQ Melatonin Supplements?

Melatonin killers suppress your body's natural production of melatonin, causing it more challenging for you to fall asleep. Even bright lights, excessive screen time, and a fast-paced schedule which act as melatonin killers.

KHURAQ Melatonin Supplements support favored sleep and are a natural remedy to treat issues like insomnia.

Benefits and efficiency of Taking KHURAQ sleep tablet

  • Aid Better Sleep
  • Block beta-blockers (insomnia caused by beta-blockers). Beta-blockers are specifically caused by intaking certain blood pressure medications. 
  • Reduce Symptoms of Seasonal Depression (SAD) related to modifications in your body’s circadian rhythm. 
  • Increase Levels of Human Growth Hormone (crucial to growth and cellular regeneration associated with accumulations in both strength and muscle mass)
  • Promote your Eye Health (Melatonin is also a good source of antioxidants)
  • Help to Treat Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) (a disorder caused by the backflow of stomach acid into the esophagus) 
  • Improve sleep quality from Non-24-hour sleep-wake disorder in blind children and adults
  • Dosage

    KHURAQ - Sleep Melatonin intake doses are __mg per day.

    Read labels carefully to avoid unwanted side effects.

    You can also start with a lower dose and increase if needed to find what works for you.

    When using KHURAQ - Sleep Melatonin to improve sleep, try taking it 30 minutes before bedtime for maximum effectiveness.

    Meanwhile, if you use it to adjust your circadian rhythm and establish a more regular sleep pattern, you should take KHURAQ - Sleep Melatonin about 2-3 hours before bedtime.

    In some medical cases such as elderly patients, surgical patients, and critically ill patients, it is necessary to intake KHURAQ - Sleep Melatonin supplements under medical supervision. 


    KHURAQ - Sleep Melatonin supplements are a natural hormone in terms of sleep and their work is to release hormones in the brain in response to changes in light to control the body's internal clock by signaling that it is time to sleep.

    KHURAQ - Sleep Melatonin supplement's goal is to help with a variety of sleep problems, including insomnia, sleep disorders, and some sleep problems in children.

    So why wait, order KHURAQ - Sleep Melatonin supplement now and sleep soundly.
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