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Our patented formula is made with Vitamins B9 & B12 to help support:

Goli® ACV Gummies contain Vitamin B12 which helps convert the food you eat into cellular energy.

Vitamin B9 (aka folic acid) and Vitamin B12 in Goli® ACV Gummies play a key role in maintaining homocysteine levels, which help support heart health.

Goli® ACV Gummies are not only infused with a delicious flavor profile, they're also a source of powerful ingredients that provide antioxidant support.

® ACV Gummies helps support a healthy immune system.

The Vitamin B12 in Goli® ACV Gummies helps your body metabolize nutrients more effectively.

Vitamins B9 (aka folic acid) and B12 in Goli® ACV Gummies help support overall good health and wellness.

Apple Cider Vinegar has been used for centuries as a traditional remedy for:

Gut Health
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Over 1,000,000+ Reviews from Happy Customers.

Absolutely love the taste! Cannot wait to order my next bottle!

Kim O.

Delicious addition to my daily routine!

Daniel P.

Goli Gummies are my favorite!! I recently introduced them to my friends and family, we're all officially hooked! Thanks for making it easier to include essential vitamins with such a great tasting product!

Paula W.

Absolutely love the product and the fact that my purchase helps give back through your initiative with Vitamin Angels!

Quinn L.

It’s easy to take and I can take them anywhere and anytime!

Ruth G.

WOW. They taste amazing, the ingredients offer so many benefits and they're SUPER convenient. Love love love them!!

Author's name

I've been trying to include apple cider vinegar into my routine for ages, but the taste just made it so hard. Goli ACV Gummies really were a game changer for me.

Author's name

How they’re made:
Ingredients you can pronounce.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Fresh, real apples are crushed and juiced to produce what is called a cider. The apple cider undergoes a unique fermentation process to create Apple Cider Vinegar. Raw, unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar was used to develop the top quality Apple Cider Vinegar Powder found in Goli® ACV Gummies.


The vibrant color and distinctive flavor of beetroots enhance the appearance and flavor profile of delicious Goli® ACV Gummies.


The rich color and unique flavor of pomegranate help give Goli® ACV Gummies their signature red appearance and delicious taste.

Pectin (made from fruit peels)

Unlike most other gummies on the market that are made with gelatin, Goli® ACV Gummies are made with pectin from fruit peels, making them vegan-friendly.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 has been shown to help support cellular energy production in your body by breaking down the food you eat into available energy.

Vitamin B9

Vitamin B9 (also referred to as folic acid) is an essential nutrient that helps support overall health and general well-being.

Some of the places our #GoliFam keeps their Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies so they can enjoy delicious wellness
Wherever, Whenever.

Bathroom Vanity

Invigorate your morning routine with vitamins and nutrients your body will thank you for!

Kitchen Pantry

Goli® ACV Gummies are the perfect companion to your daily meals!

Your Desk

The drawer your colleagues will come “hang out” for.

Your Gym Locker

End your sweat session with delicious Goli® ACV Gummies, the perfect addition to your wellness routine.

Your Bag

Take Goli® ACV Gummies with you on the go, so you can incorporate Apple Cider Vinegar into your daily routine wherever, whenever!

Your Car

Pump up the jams while pumping your body with essential B9 + B12 vitamins!

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We will donate a 6-month supply of essential vitamins to a child in need, through our partner Vitamin Angels.

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We will plant a tree, through our partner Eden Reforestation Projects.

Each Gummy Contains:

Total Carbohydrate 3.5 g
Total Sugars 2 g
Apple Cider Vinegar 500 mg
Organic Beetroot 40 mcg
Organic Pomegranate 40 mcg
Vitamin B9 (50% Daily Value) 200 mcg DFE
Vitamin B12 (50% Daily Value) 1.2 mcg

Recommended 1-2 gummies, 3 times daily

Our gummies
do not contain:

Yeast, wheat, milk, eggs, gluten, soy, gelatin, peanuts, shellfish, dairy, artificial sweeteners, colors from artificial sources, artificial flavors, agave, or salicylates.

Our Full List of Ingredients:

Apple Cider Vinegar Powder, Organic Beetroot, Organic Pomegranate, Vitamin B9, Vitamin B12, Organic Tapioca Syrup, Water, Organic Cane Sugar, Pectin, Sodium Citrate, Citric Acid, Malic Acid, Natural Apple Flavors, Organic fruit and vegetable juice (for color).

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